The Amazing Dual Screen Zenbook Pro

The new ASUS Zenbook Pro is the first I’ve seen with a fully functional touchscreen hidden beneath it’s trackpad. The trackpad on the Zenbook Pro is capable of …


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  1. Just to let you know, you ~HAVE~ seen that kind of device before, the razor phone being able to be the trackpad for a razor laptop

  2. well the laptop would be very expensive due to this
    but i can't understand why someone is going to use trackpad as TV screen
    because it's just a useless feature for day to day use
    Maybe this add little more to do but asking me it wasn't required that much because
    People I use to converse buying new laptop are generally
    behind three major things
    1. Awesome design
    2. best configuration in their budget
    3. also extra services(warranty and fulfillment) and accessories with their laptop

    Now, even if you provide them with this gadget
    i would like to clear one thing that more the laptop gets compact and slim the more it radiates heat during it's performance
    which a common user won't like during it's work
    maybe this laptop comes with awesome configuration
    but according to me this laptop doesn't show the worth that is required.
    and this also relates the price quota that company will put after substituting alot of things
    Would like to know your response bro, are you agree or not?
    Will you watch movies on trackpad just to use the feature or you will use monitor?

  3. This is good, but MacBook's touch bar isn't? What a joke… How do you use the trackpad (move your mouse) if you have music on it? And for other stuff – why would you watch a video on a small screen when you have 15" in front of you? lol

  4. For streamers, that machine is perfect. Play on the main screen and setup+chat on the other. I hope there's a RoG version of that tech.

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