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  1. is there a new game plus mode ??? can i unlock more clothing besides the preorder clothes ?? can i turn off the attack bars above everyones heads ??

  2. This kind of review is needed these days. So sick of the passive aggressive complaining and entitlement of most reviewers.

    Thanks a bunch, you have cemented my purchase. Will keep an eye out for your next one.

  3. Good review man. I wasn't sure about this game but might have to pick it up. Bram stokers Dracula is one of the best vampire movies hands down even know it's ancient lol cheers man

  4. listen all thats great but if the games to easy am out. sick of playing these easy to complete short arse games, hope i'm wrong.

  5. This game looks good, but is it a linear roller coaster ride or does it give a lot of choice? Because I haven’t played a game that gave me choice in a while.

  6. Very interested in this game. Good review man. Can you tell me if the game world itself remains interesting and if it's varied and big enough? I hope there is a good variety.

  7. That's a pretty thick Scottish accent, ye ken. Good review, and as far as I can tell it's the first. I'm really looking forward to playing this.

  8. Personal…..
    Things going on for me in this game.
    2-Story telling dark RPG.
    3-Premise of the game.

    Enough for me to buy it blindly.

  9. This is a bloody refreshing review! Relaxed and poignant and your voice is smooth and emotive. Keep at it man, will be coming here for future reviews.

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