“I’M A VIRTUAL REALITY CAR MECHANIC!!!” Job Simulator HTC Vive Virtual Reality (VR) Game!

If you enjoy these HTC Vive VR videos…show your love & support and HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON!!! Welcome to Job Simulator, a hilarious VR game available on …


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  1. Hi hello I love I so you I know I want to be you but I'm sorry for the people that you love are the most rsame best ever friends and you have a good girl day with you and you love you ❤️ you I love her and love ❤️ so and love ❤️ you love me too so you love me like I said hello and you don't care if she doesn't like me you will be the

  2. They can make a game like Fallout 4 but they can't make a realistic auto shop instead of goofy graphics???

  3. Did anyone else realize that on the first radio station they are playing Dead Rising 2 music? If no one does I'm going to be upset because it was one of the best games ever but no one plays multiplayer anymore ;(

  4. This game kills your back I played on ps4vr and just playing and doing all the stuff hurts you back and legs so be warned if you are going to get the game

  5. Generikb, you're too efficient, you need to waste boatlooads of time so the shop makes bank on "parts and labor." The longer you take, the more expensive the work is.

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