[ VRChat] AN ALLIANCE WITH WOOPS?! ( Virtual Reality )

ALL PLAYLISTS IN EPISODE ORDER FOR EACH SEASON. Season 5 of the VRChat Adventures ( An alliance with Woops ) Woops appears in episode 4, …


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  1. Again remember this whole season 5 is heavy RP. It is a slight change to our usual, but sometimes something different can be loads of fun, especially with so many involved! We are all friends, each and every person involved and we love each other, as well as all YOU GUYS AND GIRLS watching. It is entertainment for you all and we love bringing that to you! Enjoy!

  2. what? are you really gonna shoot a pregnant guy? also yup lanfear is spending too much time with chipz enough to strip to her underwear and act like a cat purring at him

  3. you know, I was thinking. A real epic moment.
    Every one is on edge, no ones talking like a real serious moment. Every one has said all they can say.
    Like an all hope is lost moment.
    And then Andis comes gets in the center of every one, the room goes silent all eyes are on Andis, and she just talks, saying all the things that need to be said, lets out every thing, some of her words hurt but its like pain you feel forcing a broken bone into the right place before it can men. As she finishes people go up to her and ask
    "I did not know you could talk Andis."
    She looks up at them, her eyes being their adorable derpy selves and she says.

  4. Break up with landfear trust me I see a video when she was on chipz lap and they was alone he hasn't kissed landfear because she tising him so my buddy show rad lots of love she might start feeling alone even matsix no matter what don't lose Rad and matsix get rid of landfear

  5. YO Joey Bagel i have a bad new look like your gf Lanfear hangout with Chipz again hangout like strip club i think and your gf Lanfear sit on Chipz lap is really disgusting and Chipz face so close to Lanfear face is disgusting ok Joey this means WAR!!! ok that all then i gtg

  6. Listen joey with all this happening I know you are going into war with chips (bastard) trust me he is anyway he is your main target remember you got family kids wives and friends they are the ones who also need most attention and should handle problems with them also I know your hurt but you still got them and they got you and so far they need you more but just please in other videos people are in pain just know that just please visit them.

  7. Joey, if you need more allies, I might not have my own clan or weapons, but I can be a great meat shield and block bullets!
    Plus, I have the power of low frame rates and choppy audio on my side!

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