Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

The park is about to be closed for good in the Jurassic World sequel. Jeff Goldblum Plays Every Role in Jurassic Park …


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  1. It's very good some comedy horror action perfect summer film even few upsetting bits especially when island gets engulfed if seen youll no what I mean nice throwback to first film

  2. Just saw it yesterday, I can't wait any longer, so yesterday was a big night for me. I'm not gonna spoil anything.
    I tried so hard to let myself sink into the movie and wanted to enjoy for what it is. First off, the opening sequence was awesome, but too sad to say that is also the only good scene from the movie. As soon as the story goes back to the mainland, it's where the disaster begins, I was having a hard time watching the second half of the movie.
    The biggest problem of the movie is the writing, the comical characters ruined every scene, there is no sense of danger, because you can see who will die and who will definitely survived by "their face".
    And also thanks to the overly marketed trailers, I promise if you have already seen all of them, you've seen the entire movie.
    Just to be fair, there's one scene got me teary eyes, that is definitely one of the best scenes of the movie, too bad wonders does not last, too much flaws that damages the movie so badly.

  3. It’s a really good film just felt it was restricted to either the island or the house….. feel like some scenes were over hyped and were made nothing of in the end in the film.

  4. I saw the movie! This is way better movie than the first Jurassic world movie. Even though the movie has its problems, it is very engaging and for the most part entertaining! The movie ends in a interesting place , I hope they do a better job from here!

  5. Jurassic Park movies contain more gore. You see dinosaurs tearing the flesh of people and eating and killing humans. JP movies are more realistic in every way.
    Jurassic world movies are kids movies with no gore at all……the dinosaurs are not savage enough.

  6. I found it an interesting change of tone from Jurassic World and gives a lot of possibilities of where the franchise can go in the future. The surprise reveal in the third act also opens up additional interesting themes going forward.

  7. saw the film… thought it was alright … though not nearly as good as lost world jurassic park… the best one in my opinon…. thought the soundtrack was shite …finally the main villain reveal was compelling…. yup the pachyecephalosaurus!!! utter beast … kept headbutting people ten feet in the air… unkillable …It's still out there Headbutting away

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