The Next Facebook? – CryptoCurrency Social Platform – HowDoo Crypto ICO Review

Is this the next facebook? CryptoCurrency social platform HowDoo! Crypto ICO review!
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  1. Good Review, so many tempting projects to invest and so little money to do invest.

    Thanks for the video. How is the weather in LA.?


  2. FBs social media domination days are now numbered… very nice to have Dapp alternatives…


  3. Cool idea and all but it won’t overtake Facebook. There’s already a lot of social media apps/sites out there that try to compete with Facebook but all else fails


  4. Another project that I wouldn't have found without your videos!
    Thanks for sharing!

    LTC Wallet: LQC24FckZJmqzQUSzhD1bzov8VuefheRpt

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