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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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  1. Cryptos are gonna die because of the whales playing their game. The longer they keep playing and manipulating the prices the more people that are going to give up on crypto.

  2. Growth needs to come from retail and institutional money. Retailers won’t invest until price comes down to a level which could be considered reasonable for all parts of the economic spectrum- just coz this price is affordable for the first world nation dwellers doesn’t mean all will jump in. On the other hand institutions won’t touch it unless proper regulatory environments give them the confidence. Neither of these are happening. A price plummet down to a $1000 level and a firm regulatory nod will push the cause to a much higher price levels.

  3. you see just in the last few weeks all the companies stating that they are starting Index Funds- ETFs. Bloomberg w Mike Novagratz 1billion, OKX, Huobi 93 Million, Binance 1 Billion, Signa, a S Africa company w 15 billion assets , Circle, COINBASE.. this is going to start the crypto landslide as this institutional money rolls in

  4. Projects that offer to take out middlemen have huge value and this is only going to continue forward. My view is that this is the real transparency weve been waiting for. It allows also the individual to participate in economies of scale which typically has only been advantaged by the corporations for years.

  5. across all of crypto, none of them will be what we dream they will be. The only way real institutional money will be invested is if all of these dev teams get together and make 2 or 3 cryptos. People want less options, especially when it comes to guessing what everyone else will associate value with… If we had over 1000 variations of every dollar, the dollar wouldnt be spent either. Crypto is an ecosystem of niche communities in shells. The community needs to realize its power is in numbers. And the more cryptos there are to choose from the more volitile the market becomes as a whole.. the moon is looking like 10 years away minimum 🙁

  6. Lol these news guys are honestly full of shit. "Institutions don't like to invest into uncertainty" nothing is certain ! They all take risks !!!

  7. Hey , Im a member of a server which is growing fast. They do pump and dumps and many other things.
    Their community its pretty active, they give free advice about trading and there are many experts into and whales. Take a look, you will like them!

  8. When is the question. Will it be in 2018? I want to know when? WHEN? Since mid 2017 i'm only buying-buying-buying. I now want to be selling-selling-selling. WHEN?!

  9. The younger generations really wants this. Old money has kept them at a disadvantage for too long. Old money is smart and they want to be a part the of inevitable change. Crypto will be huge in time, no doubt in my mind.

  10. Short to mid term I see volatility maybe goes lower but I don’t think it’ll break through our support levels. But long term we are going to look back and say “4 digit bitcoin was a steal”. Great content and I agree with your opinions!

  11. BItcoin has many hurdles to cross. Successful implementation of the lightning network, a fork that includes a privacy layer on top like what BCH is doing and what zcash already has which regulators will allow so the average joe can't track all of your purchases online, and soon there will be exchanges trading crypto in fiat pairings making bitcoin's utility even less. Ripple's CEO is probably right, BTC won't be king for much longer.

  12. Yep. People who are not investing in crypto now are kinda irresponsible. For me, it's just a matter of time before the market breaks out to the upside – it's becoming a more and more guaranteed scenario. It's a once in a lifetime-opportunity that many will regret they didn't take – and many of these people have been blindfolded by the negativity from the mass media, unfortunately.

  13. There was a great line from the movie boiler room and institutional $$$ folks need to try it. It when something like this, "…pick up your skirt, grab your balls, and lets go make some money…"

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