Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin Price, Coinbase ETC, Binance FIAT Pairs

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  1. I like your videos because they are short and not boring and sometimes really funny. But it is confusing that you change your mind all the time regarding if you are bearish or bullish.

  2. Sad that people can't connect dots from past. Bitcoin futures

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  3. Hey Sunny could you do a review on BNBcoin the past month up 56%?. 1 quarter of my portfolio is in it and I’m glad I did!
    Keep up the good work love your videos.

  4. mmm…I'm seriously starting to think that BTC is becoming the "King Alt" and Fiat and especially exchange coins are making BTC an asset and not a currency…if BTC can't be a currency, then I'd say no crypto can be a currency…
    I know we need free market pricing, but I honestly thought we were slightly more stable than this… we need to hold where were at now, at like $6,700, or at least above frickin $5K, I think, or the above is really true…!?!?!? … mmm… pretty glum… mmm …

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  6. Don't you think that Fiat/Crypto pairs will reduce Bitcoin's trading volume and lead to lower prices because of lower necessity of holding BTC?

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