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  1. Hi Ellio, please take a look at Pikciochain (PKC). They just came out of ICO and it's cheaper then the ICO price! they are Partnered with E&Y, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, CapGemini, NEO, Ontology, Onchain… Read their lovely whitepaper, you will be happy to know that right now you can buy for 24 cents. They are rolling out because of starting their project in 2014..

  2. So is amazing. You are so different than all of the other YouTubers. You're so smart in the way you articulate it is amazing. Seriously Elio I can see you being a reporter for one of the big 3 news outlets in the future

  3. Great video and in 30-60-90 or 120 days it will be a whole new game. I am buying and please really think about it. The good strong alt are coins down 30% -80% since December so buy when blood is in the streets and yes I do see a lot of blood in the streets.

  4. It’s the end of the world as we know it… and guess what? “I feel fine! 6 o'clock, FUDTV hour, don't get caught in FOMO; Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn…

  5. Thank you so much man, I love Fud TV and I personally really appreciate the hardwork in order to collect these important info for the crypto community ….
    A lot of respect dear 😉 peace

  6. You forgot to mention Morpheus Network that announced over 20 huge partners!!!
    Can you give us our thoughts on that, please??
    Airdrop 15th June
    Still so undervalued$$$

  7. Switcheo is very easy to use compared to IDEX and Bancor. I dont think they charge trading fee. I have to double check.

  8. Well done!! Hodl VEN & ONT (1 of my favorite projects)!! Regarding car projects any thoughts CarVertical? I consider myself very new to this space (bought my first BTC in Nov 2016) and I listen to a lot of channels. I put your channel in my top 3 by far. Keep it going and hats off to you! Peace!

  9. Right on Elliot. Great video. And you fixed it so promptly. Y'all over there at FUD are really on top of it. That ETC pump happened during band practice last night. I saw a couple notifications while we were playing, but you know what it's like with all the clickbait titles. I shrugged it off till after practice and ended up missin the boat. I can tell you that I am really excited for the vechain launch. Ontology too, but I am not nearly as invested in ONT. VEN was the whole reason I got into crypto. Speaking of ONT nep5 and airdrops….I saw that those MCT tokens we got dropped are on an exchange now. Supposedly they will save people a ton in GAS. Sure hope so. I would love to end up getting some nice coin out of that. It's a bloodbath out there. I've got a couple job interviews scheduled, one of them with SpaceX. Like I said previously, I havent really cared about getting laid off, until we get a dip like this and literally everything is on sale. Keep up the great work there Elmer Fudd. Catch ya around the block……chain

  10. Switcheo has a very good UI. Ledger support is smooth. However, it suffers from low liquidity… which also allows for wild fluctuations in prices. They are working hard on launching their QTUM and ETH exchanges too.

  11. Does anyone really care about coinbase anymore? More exchanges are adding fiat pairs, so does cb additions really matter?

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