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  1. The Moment i saw the Title of this video i Laughed so hard ang the fact that i am a ESport fan
    Come on gamers he is just saying his opinion don't be mad about it like his opinion can't change anything

  2. He says “would you ask a girl to go on a date to play video games at my house” but you wouldn’t ask a girl hey you wanna go on a date and play some football and basketball at my house either

  3. I have no problem with esports and I see why people would like it.
    It’s not really a sport it has its own category called esports

  4. I find it so weird how this guy doesn't even understand what the clip is about lol. It's hardly even an epic "esports moment" as much as it's a funny clip of a premature victory. It's a tournament, the stakes are high, that kind of mistake is hilarious and exciting. I'd understand maybe if it was just a normal esports clip with someone winning and the commentators screaming about mechanics and meta you wouldn't understand, but this dude just walked away to celebrate when the match wasn't even done yet and ruined it for himself. It shouldn't be that hard to see why that's amusing.

  5. 5:08 when man (pro gamers) ask u out for playing a video game is not bad..
    but when man (pro boxing) ask u out for boxing that stupid, right?

    edit : ns logic!

  6. Sorry Colin, but I've played sports my entire life, and I also play video games, and so do all my friends. Please explain to me how watching somebody else play sports is better than watching somebody else play video games?? People enjoy video games, just like we enjoy sports. Also, how is making money from sitting in front of a computer being good at a video game any worse than making a living sitting in front of a computer typing numbers in Excel or writing code or whatever mindless work it is 99% of people do at their 9-5????

  7. So I'm a fan of sports and esports, and I also play both sports, and video games. I fail to see the difference between watching sports and esports. In both situations you're watching other people do something. Colin's made his career out of watching people do something.

  8. This cowhead doesnt understand that hes being mean to not only one person but to millions of gamers that can almost can be considered a race already.

  9. Do you remember the days when you could whatever it was you enjoyed, and as long as it didn't physically hurt anyone, you could just be left alone to do whatever it is you liked without feeling embarrassed about it? I miss those days. We're all so quick to judge everyone else, and quite honestly its a little pathetic. I wouldn't for a second think to actually watch esports, but I also couldn't give a damn if this is how people want to spend their time. I generally like Colin, but does he honestly not realize how asinine it is for him to make fun of something simply because he himself doesn't do it?

  10. E-sports on csgo, league, smash or starcraft is the same thing to football/soccer or football/rugby. It's strategy, skill, precision and knowledge. They all get paid.
    ITS THE SAME THING BUT A BIT DIFFERENT. If you like to watch the NBA and you don't like NFL because of the kinds of players not because of the sport, you have a iq of a mashed potato.
    If you think that guy on the x-games is talented than you should think about e-sports the same way. They train and perfect their art to make themselves better and make a living.

  11. 4:32 it's just games they don't deserve to be on a sports network. This argument makes no sense since it can be spun both ways (most of them can). You just don't like it and don't accept it cause you're bad at it and don't understand it.

  12. does Colin not realize how much some of these video gamers, and streamers make?… some make twice as much as him. Get with the times sir.

  13. I'm a huge fan of fighting games and watch tournaments all the time. But I gotta admit, I was pretty embarrassed after watching this.

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