Fitbit Versa hands-on

We get our hands on the Fitbit Versa, the latest fitness tracker from Fitbit. There are many similarities between this and the Fitbit Ionic released last year, …


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  1. thinking about upgrading to this but was hoping for built in GPS. So with the connected gps feature, I know you have to have your phone with you but does it also require you to use your data?

  2. Hi! I am getting a Versa soon, (about 6 weeks) and i am SO HYPED! I wish they did add spotify or default music like 'friends' and other things like i dunno 'i said hi' songs that ppl like!

  3. I wish people would realize that the Fitbit Versa is the same as the Fitbit Ionic, without a GPS, and a different design. IT'S OBVIOUS.

  4. Well, my Pebble will have no support in June….. Annnnnnnnd I ordered an Amazfit Bip. 0 care for fitness tracking, but it's the most pebble watch we have currently

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