IGN Reviews – ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Game Review

The crazy and customizable ModNation racers makes its way to the PlayStation Vita in the new game “Road Trip.” IGN Editor Greg Miller gets behind the wheel …


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  1. To be honest they should port this to the smart phone (android,iOS) that way you add more content ,like why not most game are about 100 mb to 2 gb so that won't make a difference

  2. i really don't like this game as the original modnation racers the courses are annoying because every obstacle kills you in a second while the computer comes out of nowhere and cheats this game cheats….cheats cheats cheats cheats they don't show mercy at all really.

  3. Greg is an idiot. LBPK got a 5, because he didn't like a few tiny bits of it. I have MNRRT, i do like it, but MAN, it feels unfinished, and it doesn't deserve that 7, you're right.

  4. Terrible framerate. The menus are terrible, I have to touch a button several times for it to even register

  5. Biggest flaws with this game are the choppy graphics, the framerate drops, and no Multiplayer. But besides those, this is a pretty fun game.

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