Talk to Thorin: Jacob Wolf on his Journey in Esports Journalism

Want to bet or play fantasy esports? Jacob Wolf, investigative journalist formerly of DotEsports and currently for ESPN, talks to Thorin about his …


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  1. I only read Jacob's articles published by ESPN and read all eSports journalism from a different source. His work is always credible and very well written and breaks the stories before most it seems. Awesome to see him on one of your shows. Love the variety of your content throughout the years and awesome to see you get a guest of his caliber! Cheers mate.

  2. Jacob Wolf is probably the worst notable journalist in the CS scene. DeKay has more accurate sources and information than him.

  3. without glases, I have very bad eyes. From a far distance I first thought it was show starring Alex 'machine' richardson and I would love to see that happening! 🙂

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