12 PlayStation VR Hidden Gems – Virtual Reality games worth playing

PlayStation VR Games Shown: Superhot VR Just in Time The American Dream Apollo 11 VR Drunkn Bar Fight Dead Secret Pinball FX2 VR Dexed Megaton …


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  1. I hated Apollo. I love space but it felt sooo lo budget I thought it was an early proof of concept for vr. Best bit is when you poke your head out of the space ship, that freaked me out! Lol

  2. Awesome timing I just got my PlayStation VR a few days ago when it was on sale. I’ve been playing resident evil 7, which is scary as hell. Skyrim which has seen better days visually. And tried the demo for job simulator which is really fun.

  3. It's cool that a lot of these VR games still have an old school sensibility to them. It's nice to play a simple game that's not an indie art game or giant AAA game blockbuster. Of course I'm poor with no VR so this is all theoretical.

  4. What the hell!? Why i do not see Dead or Alive: Extreme 3? You guys are confused, you missed the biggest hidden gem out of them all, such a shame.

  5. Dont know about it being hidden gems. I think the VR is still too young to be able to say what is a hidden gem and what isnt.
    But hey, there are certain VR games that i think are awesome.
    – Eagle Flight (is surprisingly engaging even tho very very simplistic)
    – Mortal Blitz (This one is definitely one of my favorites despite it being rather short)
    – Sprint Vector (Man, just started it two days ago and i am loving the workout)
    – UltraWings (Basically PilotWings in VR)

    Outside of the obvious ones like:
    – Until Dawn Rush of Blood
    – Dirt Rally
    – Resident Evil 7
    – Solus Project
    – Wipeout Omega

    But one damn game that we need (at least one) would be:
    – Beat Saber (Man, i fucking need that shit)

  6. MJ, any chance you'll do some more retro 80's stuff in the future? I've always liked your take on Atari, NES, SNES, etc. and it's been a while since you've done that.

  7. MJR Video checklist for completion:1. Makes excuse for his bad gamer skills2. Ends his sentence with nervous laughter. [x]3. Uses buzzwords "caveat" & 'swansong". This is a rare incomplete video. Most likely because John did all the talking.  Please edit.

  8. Good sir, let me preface all this with, I don't own either system, so I'm not personally invented. I've tried both the PSVR, and the HTC Vive, and I have to say, the vive is far better. Due to how the PSVR tracks (one single camera), there can be inconsistency in the tracking, leading to motion sickness (I had this myself. Fruit ninja. Rather fun, but the camera would move slightly without me moving my head at all). I've tried the vive multiple times (both at pax west last year, and again at a computer shop I'm a regular at), and I had no issues with it, in any way, and I was moving a lot more in the vive games I played than the PSVR.

    Again, I don't own either, and maybe the PSVR can be set up better for consistency, etc, but I know which one I'll be purchasing if/when I do.

    Also, I'm starting a batch of strawberry wine in the next few days, and it should be ready before PAX west, at the latest. I live in the area, and I was curious if you (or any of the other members of the MJR crew) would like some bottles. I still need to stop by pink gorilla games some time, see if they have some of the games I'm looking for..

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