12 Electric Cars with Convertible Roofs Similar to Tesla Roadster that Already Exist

The very first commercially successful electric car was a roadster, was there a particular reason for that? Probably yes, but some why ever since we have not been seeing many new electrified car models with drop top roofs being introduced to the market.

In fact, we barely managed to gather this list of 12 roadsters and convertible electric autos that exist today, so we rushed to share our findings with you! Check out this top list and make sure to voice your demands for more electric cabrios in the comments section, hopefully manufacturers will comply!

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Cars featured in this video:

Tesla Roadster: tesla.com/roadster

Both the original Tesla Roadster and the upcoming 2020 model are iconic electric cars continuously proving that EVs are the future.

Genovation GXE: genovationcars.com

Genovation GXE is a conversion of an iconic Chevrolet C7 Corvette Grand Sport into an electric car. The performance is mind blowing, but the price is even more out of this worldly.

Tommykaira ZZ and KYOCERA Concept: tommykairazz.com

Two Japanese companies that stand behind the electrified Tommykaira ZZ are Kyoto based startup Green Lord Motors and Kyocera Corporation. This automobile is a direct descendant of an original Tommykaira ZZ which was a sports car produced in the UK

Electric Ferrari 308 GTE: electricgt.com/electric-308

Electric GT is a California based startup that specializes in restoration and custom conversion of vintage automobiles. Though by now they have multiple finished projects in their portfolio, their journey was started with the electrification of 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS.

BMW i8 Roadster: press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0276073EN/the-bmw-i8-roadster-is-coming:-time-for-the-next-look?language=en

The BMW i8 Roadster was completely renewed for the 2019 model year and now it is more powerful, more fuel efficient and faster.

Jaguar E-Type Zero: media.jaguar.com/en-us/news/2017/09/electric-jaguar-e-type-zero-debuts-jaguar-land-rover-tech-fest

If you want to drive an electric car but wish it to have classic looks, look no further but Jaguar E-Type Zero, this will be a testing vehicle before more classic Jaguars get electrified.

Zelectric’s all-electric Porsche 911 Targa: zelectricmotors.com

Based in San Diego, California, Zelectric turns vintage Volkswagens and Porsches into electric vehicles, their 911 Targa is as beautiful as they get.

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 Convertible: mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/vehicles/passenger-cars/mercedes-maybach/revelation-of-luxury-vision-mercedes-maybach-6-cabriolet

For now, Mercedes and Maybach are only playing around with electric concepts and their Vision 6 Convertible concept is a stunning success of automaking

Bentley EXP12 Speed 6e: bentleymotors.com/en/models/concept-cars/exp12-speed-6e.html

Luxury is something that electric cars lack, but Bentley EXP12 Speed 6e is here to resolve the lack of premium feel of EVs.

Smart EQ ForTwo: smart.com/en/en/index/smart-eq-fortwo-cabrio-453.html

Daimler has discontinued all ICE Smarts in the US, will they be able to sell electric models or will it lead to the model being phased out altogether?

Citroen E-MEHARI: www.citroen.com/en/

Citroën E-MEHARI is a lightweight all-electric convertible with plastic bodywork, a fabric roof and enough space to accommodate 4 people.

Porsche 918 Spyder: www.porsche.com/microsite/918/international.aspx

Priced from $850,000, Porsche 918 Spyder is a truly remarkable hybrid supercar with agility and speed of an exemplary racer.


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