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  1. Hey Zach, love your channel and hope you keep up the great work but please use some crypto and buy a tripod. Lol. Thanks for sharing all your Info.

  2. Hi Zack i am looking into Pundix and is seems like they only payout 7.3% for the next 6 months. Next year it will be 2.3%and the following year.8 % it looks like if I buy now it will return a total of about 100% does that sound about right to you. Thanks for keeping things interesting.

  3. Thanks Zac, like the live streaming when you can… looking forward to the new programs


  4. naaa dude, ETH is going down along with everything else in the market. You don't understand the greed that is around us. Whales are still hungry

  5. Welp, I’m going to head over to Binance to vote for Pundi now…btw $100 of LTC is about 1 and a tenth at this time lol.
    LTC: LQqC4N5qwaWr3s3YY2xW3RzSFWh7EaeSpz

  6. XRP is driving me nuts. One day I'm 100% into, then the next I drop it like a hot rock. Good new, then bad, good, bad….it's a vicious cycle.

  7. You're dead wrong about why Babb is doing the equity sale instead of using ICO funds. Next time either do your research or say you don't know instead of giving out bad information

  8. Hello. You said THANKS for letting you know about xinfin when i did a SUPERCHAT.. are you still accumulating or can you do a review yet ?! πŸ™‚

  9. Babb were told by Bank of England that the ico funds could not be used to support banking license, hence the separate equity sale.

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