Business Laptop Buying Guide

Now, most well-equipped business laptops run around $549 or so. Some of the more top-of-the-line laptops wind up at $750 or more, depending on how many bells and whistles you want to attach to your finished product. Customized laptops can run you even more.

The first thing to realize when shopping for a business laptop is that size really does matter. Whether you travel frequently or just need something for the office, space is a consideration you need to keep in mind and your laptop purchase should reflect that. Most business laptops feature anything from 12-17 inches in terms of screen size, so you have the pick of the litter when shopping for a business laptop.

A business system requires that you have a sturdy and quick hard drive. Anything less than a 7,200 rpm hard drive will be almost entirely useless, so make sure that you include something durable and sizable in your budget when shopping. Compare hard drives with other laptops, too, and you might find a few surprises.

Integrated graphics are essential and 3D graphics are optional, so you can take your pick in this area too. If you’re just using your laptop for basic applications, like Word and Excel programs, integrated graphics will save you a lot of money. But if you have more multimedia applications to get to, more graphics mean more versatility.

Along with size and graphics, security is a deeply important issue when it comes to buying your business laptop. Check out the options and compare the production benefits in terms of security before you buy. One of the most exciting security advantages you can find on even the most affordable of laptops is a fingerprint reader, ensuring that you and only you can get into your laptop.

Size, security, graphics, and hard drive space are among the most vital issues when it comes to shopping for a business laptop. You can find a wide arrangement of units available at a wide swath of prices, so take your time and compare as you shop.

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