Call of Duty: WW2 – United Front Pack 3 Trailer

Call of Duty: WWII’s third DLC pack comes out on June 26 for PlayStation 4. Call of Duty: WW2 Review: The …


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  1. This game is absolutely garbage. I can't believe that i wasted good money for the Deluxe Edition that came with the Season Pass. They never fix any bugs at all. Since the day it released, I've had to deal with so many bugs and connection issues, it's ridiculous. They get progressively worse every time i play and especially with every new update.

    I can't spawn in right away for the majority of the time, i get booted out of almost every game, i lose connection to the server and get booted to the main menu, i have to restart my game a couple of times in order to play with my friends because they can't join me or i can't join them, and the supply drop system is a scam all-together. Too many duplicates, unwanted emblems and calling cards, and don't even get me started on the pistol grips.

    I deleted this game a couple of days ago and will no longer play it. I can't support this game, especially with all of its issues. They also keep making it feel like a lesser version of World War 2 with every new update. Ridiculously unrealistic camos, camo customization, ridiculous face paint, ridiculous uniforms that look like they belong in a horror movie, etc. I can't support the developers either. They aren't actually making a attempt to improve the game and to fix the game breaking issues it has. If i support the game and developers, i become apart of the problem. Therefore i won't.

  2. This is why they needed to separate the factions, not just the two simple allies and axis factions. Americans fighting in Stalingrad with an American announcer is not OK, what is this battlefield 5? ???

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