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  1. Huh? Kind of expected it to do better than this. Oh well 7.5 is not too bad but now I figure I can skip it and save my money for Spiderman or Red Dead 2.

  2. Fair review. What the reviewer was trying to say throughout the video is that the game gets old fast and isn't worth playing for very long. Also, it's fair for him to judge the game based off of what it's missing, because it is a $60 game and other $60 games have much more content. Afterall, reviews are here to prevent consumers from wasting their time or money. I give this review a 10/10

  3. the biggest problem with most Nintendo games is the lack of meaningful content and the price points they are sold at. This game should be $30 or $40 but it's not.

  4. lol I mean who trusts IGN reviews these days anyways? These are the type of people who give out 9 scores to Call of Duty every year.. Gamespot and a few other review sites gave this game a 8 which is a fair score. I just can't get over this guy deducting a point for having a short story mode in a sports game rofl!!! Ummm hello "IT IS A SPORTS GAME" since when does a sport game get judged on it's single player content? The whole point of playing sports games is the multiplayer content. From what I played of the demo I think it is a major step up from Ultra Smash..

  5. not suprised it was a 7.5, im still gonna think about getting it though because of the amount of fun i had on the online tournament, but we should remember that they might bring DLC to this game (since they're doing so with Koopa Troopa and Blooper)

  6. When it comes to Nintendo games, I hit a point where instead of asking if the game is good, I ask what is new. Nintendo has been doing a lottttt of copy and pasting lately.

  7. Just to put in perspective, IGN game DOOM 2016 a 7.1 and this a 7.5. Both in this range and both good games.

    CoD WW2 got an 8.

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