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  1. Self indulgence? What? "Sorry, but you indulge yourself in too much quality. Could you please stop being so fun?"

  2. Jesus. This video's comments are the main reason why the gaming community is at its lowest. Not every game needs to be perfect.

  3. we live in an era where 9 is considered "bad", i mean i love uncharted series and i would like to see if they score it higher, but people seems so exaggerate about it, because i see no one rage this much when in fact they also gave bloodborne 9.1 and horizon zero dawn 9.3, i assume it's because they always give cod high rating i think and i agree with you guys about that one , but just calm down lol..

  4. It's worth remembering that all reviews are subjective personal opinions and if you personally enjoy the game, then they shouldn't REALLY get to you…unless of course there's a despicable little niggling doubt in the back of your mind that maybe you're NOT having as much fun as you've convinced yourself you're having, which doesn't go away no matter how many times you try to slap it down with a flannel of weak excuses.

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