Why World of Warcraft Fans Should Play Heroes of the Storm Right Now

Heroes of the Storm has finally received its first Warcraft specific Battleground Alterac Pass; a love letter to longtime Warcraft and World of Warcraft fans.


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  1. Never thought I would say this but I’m kinda bored of Warcraft. I’m sure this might be a great game, just over it ?

  2. Its should have been "Why Hots fans should play WoW". Both Hots and OW are "meh" for their category, while WoW is pretty much the only mmorpg

  3. I guess LoL and Dota fanbois don't wanna see Heroes of the Storm community to be embraced by the WoW fanbase.. Look at all those downvotes, only possible from such toxic communities. Blizzard fanbase is one happy family πŸ˜€ <3

  4. So Blizzard finally made a bad ripoff of other popular games of the past. If only they had the same misfortune on Overwatch.

  5. It's about time! All those Warcraft heroes and not a single WoW battleground? Ridiculous! Maybe we could get Blackrock Mountain next?

  6. and what about the fans who loved warcraft as an RTS, we have got nothing. Yes they made a new patch but why they look down upon us so much.

  7. Just make World of Starcraft already , have it play like destiny and that might help put blizzard back on the map…..maybe.

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