Fortnite…but in VR | Rec Room: Rec Royale | FPS Virtual Reality

Tilted towers become tilted kiddies. Fortnite of Virtual Reality aka Rec Room is . HMU in the comments and check out BAAM SQUAD below! ☆ BAAM SQUAD …


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About the Author: The Lonely Viper


  1. Ok first of all its a copy of pubg cuz in fortnite you can build and in pubg you cannot rec royal you can't build. Not hate spam just a don't compare to fortnite

  2. Lol more like roblox fortnut. You should post a compilation of every time someone got angry cause you killed them. Did you also notice the legendary guns had unique names?

  3. No you don't… You do not release a video without personally traveling to my house and telling me that you're about to upload!
    I'm deeply disappointed in this lack of Viewer-Creator relationship stimulation.

    On a side note great video

  4. Another funny ass video u never fail to make me laugh bro keep it up brother 'virginity war is my favourite too' and yes viper has go the moves

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