Borderlands 2 in Virtual Reality!?!? (Borderlands 2 VorpX 3D Vr Mod for Vive & Rift) #PumaThoughts

Link to my Twitter: What’s up guys? This is VinylicPuma, back with another Borderlands 2 video and today, I figured it could be …


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  1. We need a Borderlands Rail Shooter that is a spin off yet still mantains the shoot and loot gameplay. Example is every time you kill an enemy you get that rarity weapon and saves the loot you have staking. Plus the weapon you start out with would be The Dove/Infinity if you have no weapons. Still I hope Gearbox makes one if possible cuz it does sound awesome well in my opinion.

  2. If they make borderlands 2 Vr or borderlands 3 vr would be awesome,especially playing something as kreig or mele zero

  3. This is awesome but why the fuck would he make people pay for it? I understand that it takes a bit of Money and shit to do this stuff

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