Unboxing The Diamond Play Button…

The Diamond Play Button is here. 10 Million Subscribers… Thank you. WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… The More Affordable All-Screen Smartphone…


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  1. 1st of all congratulations.
    Atleast you are not the person who just stick to mobile phones like other youtubers who relate themself as "Tech guy". I like your varieties of unboxing different products.

  2. It's really weird!! Bad YouTuber like you get 11 million subscribers and awesome YouTuber have only one hundred thousand subscribers. And he is 10 million times better than you. Your tech videos are several days some times several weeks late competed to other YouTubers and their videos are much better.

  3. Lew… You really deserve a diamond button and whenever I watch some unboxing video from you I do not need to find out more information about product and even though most of your videos are about 4 minutes … Big Congratulations Unbox therapy …

  4. You have more subscribers then some countries have. Theoretically if all your subscribers would listen to all your orders, you could have lewisland.

  5. Congratulations Louise love u bro… N Jack n will n everyone that I watched all my summers and school time n every time ✌?✌?✌?

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