10 Amazing Electric Vehicles and New Transport Inventions You Should See

Many opponents of electrically powered vehicles would argue that their production is environmentally harmful and electricity generated by coal plants is as dirty as gasoline, but this is simply not true.

Even though the data is somewhat limited for all of the electric transport, but the available stats about cars only gathered by the Institute of concerned scientists shows that in 2014 on average in the US an electric car got equivalent of a non-existent 73 mpg gas auto, and in the states like

New York where hydro is well developed this number went all the way up to 160 mpg. It is a no-brainer that since 2014 the availability of green electricity has improved tremendously so electrically powered vehicles have become even greener.

Amazing electric vehicles that were featured in this video:

Johammer J1: www.johammer.com/en/electric-motorcycle

ORTEGA MK. 1C PERSONAL SUBMARINE: www.ortega-submersibles.com/mk-1c

QUADROFOIL QS2: quadrofoil.com/find-out-more.html

Aurora eVTOL: www.aurora.aero/evtol

Toyota i-Trill: global.com/showroom/toyota_design/concept_cars/concept_car_gallery_i-tril.html – THREE-SEATER WEIRD

Gi FlyBike: giflybike.com

XTND Skateboard: getxtnd.com

Caruca: www.thecaruca.com

Storm Wave: www.storm-eindhoven.com/STORM_Wave

One Wheel+: onewheel.com

Hyundai Ioniq Electric Scooter: www.hyundainews.com/us/en/media/pressreleases/47080/hyundai-motors-ioniq-scooter-concept-provides-first-and-last-mile-mobility


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  3. Honestly, I kind of want most of these. But the Electric Scooter is probably the most practical and useful, with the Electric Bike being a close second. The fly boat is awesome, but I'd honestly prefer an electric jet ski. Then the OneWheel+ looks really fun but I'm too scared to actually use it, but I could see it replacing electric skateboards for people that actually know how to use boards, unlike me.

  4. What if they use those solar power strips like the that Toyota that have the solar shade that Double as a solar panels strip? You think that code be possible

  5. Emission-free transportation technologies have been available for mass production for over 25 years, but without the needed infrastructure. Cars – affordable for the general public – with engines of about 1 litre fuel consumption, or cars with real water-using engines have been ready for production for over 2 decades now. These high-tech prototypes were successfully tested in countries like Canada, USA, Australia, Norway, England, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Israel, China, India, South Korea and Japan. We should already be manufacturing 35-40 million emission-free vehicles annually, and H2O engine systems should have been producing energy instead of our fossil-based and nuclear power plants. Entire technological documentations of such technologies have vanished in the EU`s Institute for Innovation and Technology, and, according to the legislation in order, it is right to be so. The expense involved in the production of such technologies is half of that of the traditional engines, they weigh about 70% less, and they can provide a huge torque. Their working range can be several thousand miles, cars could weigh 200 kg less, and their price could be 3-4000 Euros less. Segments of nearly the entire car industry secretly have the prototypes and successful tests. At the present moment we are poisoning our environment just out of mere arrogance and greed. We live in a cheap and indecent world. I firmly claim that we simply shouldn`t lie to 7 billion people, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. This information is entirely true and I hold myself accountable for its validity.

    Sincerely, Istvan Gazso, inventor

  6. That last one shouldn't fold in the middle of the deck. Would be far stronger and easier to design around a larger battery if the handle folded down leaving a handle to carry it longwise. Folding like that means the electronics and battery are in two compartments connected with wires that get folded with that hinge a lot plus it runs the risk of the latch failing, dropping the center onto the pavement and throwing you on your face, it's a failure point waiting to happen. Doesn't really need to fold small enough to fit in a brieftcase, now does it?

  7. 8:45, GAHH, idiots put it together BACKWARDS!! Seriously, that huge flat area at the front is a huge problem when it comes to aerodynamics…It's electric so doesn't need a flat front to intake air for cooling and if you hit a few mud puddles, the front is going to be nasty looking… reversing it and putting a spray guard on the now rear wheel to keep it from throwing up a rooster tail of dirt and water will be a huge improvement… 9/10 for design, 1/10 for whoever put it together (-_-)

  8. A somehow unconventional video for this video, where I overview the latest electric vehicle types and transport technologies you probably haven’t heard about. But what do you think about such inventions – do they have a chance at becoming something more than just fun toys to play with?

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