157 Crazy Virtual Reality Games: VR Anime Girlfriend, Hatsune Miku & More Madness!

Today we have 157 Virtual Reality experiences using the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift DK1, DK2 & CV1! ▻Subscribe To This Channel Now!


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  1. Imma watch it all. Imma watch it all, and hate myself tomorrow when my sleep deprived self does something stupid. Do I care? No. That future me's problem.

  2. at the end of this i think you just lost your mind did you have a 24 hour stay awake game with shady or something

    i even watched after the bye and you asking us why check your algorithm stuff

  3. ksic you totally reminded me of something you need to make the blue screen of death the broom closet ending so it has a real ending

  4. i just remembered one of my favorite game plays it involved unicorn island i mean that place was the best and the baby grabber come on

    i miss you and math or as you call him thigh playing games together

  5. you never said we couldnt double speed it i am 1600 videos behind in youtubeland and i have to watch every single one of those videos including this one

    thx for this awesomely ha bisky 12 hour video i got through the last one of these you uploaded but please dont make them this long again its just to much for me now

    when i get my dream job i wont be able to watch any of your videos but maybe you can do a live show game thing where you are playing mario kart 8 or something and i can play with you that would be awesome

  6. I knew it.
    If anyone want to know the thumbnail art,
    It's by "Tanaka Takayuki"

    Or the Twitter "Tony_WorksPR" "Tony_T2ARTWORKS" (?)

  7. its in my watch later list it was just way down and idiot me didnt realize that the sn wasnt ksic or anything sic anymore its quicksand so ya i couldnt find it was control f because i am a moron

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