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  1. this game would have been good were it not for the super overpowered evil powers and super underpowerd good powers it completely ruined the game

  2. The story was cliched but servicable,the "Karma" moments were shoved in without consistancy with unrealistic binary outcomes and the voice performances rarely convinced me. Gameplay is unique and enthralling though, and worth replaying, despite it's flaws.

  3. infamous one was the best in the series. Infamous second son was the worst; shorter story, lame side missions. Not free dlc. nothing to do after done. no dead drops and you can only listen to it once (the recordings) .

  4. Back when games were simplistic yet complex. And when you bought the game you got the WHOLE game no dlc and microtransation bullshit

  5. This game will probably be pretty short…if you don't do the side missions. Seriously, these things double, maybe even triple the amount of time you put into one save file. 

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