7 Alternative Fuel Cars of the Future and Best Upcoming Tesla Rivals

The thoughts about moving away from fossil fuels and using a different source of power for gasoline and diesel cars have been around for a while. But until recently they were treated with a great deal of skepticism.

But after the release and the developing success story of Tesla motors the future of alternative fuels is not as grim as it was before.

As a result, we can see very good and promising prototypes and even production models of cars that use electricity and hydrogen fuel cell technology. So we decided to review some of them:

Pininfarina H2 Speed: www.pininfarina.com/en/h2_speed/h2_speed.htm
Quant FE: www.nanoflowcell.com/solutions/quant-fe
Quantino: www.nanoflowcell.com/solutions/quantino
Toyota Mirai: ssl.toyota.com/mirai/fcv.html
Nio EP9: www.nio.io/ep9
Fisker EMotion: henrikfisker.org/products/production-cars/fisker-emotion
LeEco LeSee Pro: www.lesee.leeco.com/
Renault Trezor: www.renault.co.uk/vehicles/concept-cars/trezor-concept.html


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  1. eventually all the cars mention here runs on electric power what about ethanol and methanol, in Brazil 70% cars run on ethanol. you should have mention other fuel sources that are used in cars….

  2. The real future of the automotive industry will be the advent of biofuels. Why would you change to something unproven and not nearly as reliable or easy to work with when you could use all the innovation that has been developed over the last 100+ years and continue to build off of it. Biofuels allow for a reliable efficient and renewable energy source while still being able to use the proven design of the ice. Electric cars don't have a future because they are to difficult to work with and not nearly as reliable. There also won't be a used market for ev's because electronics are meant to be disposed of and don't last very long. Is the a used market for iPhones? The only reason ev's like tesla are selling is because the gov subsidies put in place by the Obama administration. Once those go away electric vehicles are as good as dead. Long live the internal combustion engine!!

  3. Almost all of them have design similarities shape, especially chinese & india, they may have better appealing but for endurance & durability they need a lotcof works to prove they are wotrh buying, i mean even if i had the money i wanna buy the first four, but i have doubt

  4. Holy crap… I am on holidays in Europe right now, and I literally just saw #5 on the streets of Malmö. Huh.

  5. Ma ters lol!. Didn't mention bio fueled cars, those are alternative fuels made from algae, bamboo, plastic and even feces.

  6. I predict electric cars like the tesla model 3 or Chevy bolt to take over. solid state batteries will be the next battery revolution safer, cheaper, faster charging, longer lasting life, holds more power. the only major thing needed is major infrastructure for road trips

  7. I am not convinced about that hydrogen fuel. Elon Musk said that hydrogen-fueled cars are a ridiculous concept, and I do believe that guy. Riding on a time bomb? No, thank you!

  8. NO, the Mirai has no future.. desperate attempts to push the hydrogen. I wonder how they bought the green car of the year award.. while being so much more complex and harder to manufacture and maintain, than all electric cars pretty much 🙂

  9. yet another look at a range of pointless, overpriced, overpowered vehicles – most of which should not be road legal in any sensible society.

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