New Nokia 3310 Vs Original Nokia 3310

Yes, the rumours are true. There is a new Nokia 3310 and we’ve weighed it up against the original 3310. If any phone can sell itself on nostalgia alone, that …


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  1. Gutted. I got a new nokia 3310 3g in feb. It has a fault where calls sound like signal is low even though I have full signal. HMD global have not helped me and neither have the place I brought it from. Really like the phone too 🙁

  2. Most impressive thing what i noticed about new 3310 is that it has over 3mm thick glass screen cover. Biggest minus about this phone are buttons, they are too small and too close to each other, very bad design. And this comes from Finnish person.

  3. I would still use Nokia 3310 if everyone didn't forced me to use Facebook Messenger. Yes, original is older than me, but I would take this over modern big smartphones every day.

  4. Kids nowadays who started using iPhone at the age of 12 laugh at me using N3310 right now, but they have no idea that this phone will leave them coma for 6 months, half dying.. X)

  5. I watched the whole video and the only thing that matter was never brought up. Can you line up with your mates, see who throws it the furthest and then go pick it up in 2-3 pieces, put it back together and send a text?

  6. Is anyone having low battery life with this phone? Im using one since about one month, and it never last more than 5 days, while I dont call or receive call a lot. Also network coverage is always good. Compared to my previous dumb phone (samsung gte2550) which lasted over one week with a smaller battery (800mah vs 1200mah) my gues is that this phone is not well designed, or the software is just bad and draw the battery.

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