TechRadar Talks – Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Should You Compare?

An Android smart watch has successfully been paired with an iPhone, but is there enough of a reason to make these Apple and Android devices compatible?


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  1. I agree, just don't see what is a true reason for any of these smartwatches yet. No real purpose, yet. Maybe the next generation smart watches will finally have a real need for them and be independent of any smartphone, along with battery life of traditional watch. One less gadget I have to charge up daily, every few days, or weekly would be great, hell I would even be happy with 6 months.

  2. My first smartwatch was the samsung galaxy gear. I liked it but It did not show notifactions very well and S-voice sucks. Now I have the G watch R. I like it to but I kind of miss having a phone on my wrist but it's better for notifications. I do not like how LG  abandoned the G watch R for the urbane. I will probably switch to samsungs next smartwatch

  3. On my second SmartWatch now (LG G Watch R) and starting to realise that Google Now is quite cool.  Also, voice control is so much better now than a few years ago and makes using the watch that much more easy and useful.  Being able to say "text the boss that I'm running 5 minutes late because train has broken down" and knowing that 9 times out of ten it will just get it right is so much quicker and easier.

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