Tesla Model S P100D: The Options!

Tesla Model S through Google Pixel XL. Since you buy the car online, you can customize a LOT from the factory! #future Video Gear I use: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Hey man. Would love to see a Pixel XL in 2018 video. The prices right now are ridiculously cheap and I've been a huge fan of the phone. I think apart from the 18:9 screen (which I don't really car about) it really will still hold it's own against today's flagships too. Really thinking of picking one up.

  2. For all the super dope high tech this car has, the smart, location based hydraulic suspension is actually the one that surprises the most. One of the simplest yet most clever solutions I've seen in a car in years.

  3. Hey Marques, I'm a big fan, I have been subbed since 2012 (but this account was made in 2014) you said leave suggestions​ as to what we want to see in the next video. Can you please do a police chance with this car, I want to know how fast a Tesla can go before it's used in a James Bond or mission impossible movie.

  4. Lmao, everyone in the comment talking about how shitty the camera quality was. Don't lie to yourself, you didn't think it looked bad until he said it was the Pixel.

  5. It's not the good type of air suspension thought. Cadillac havs used air suspension since 1957 for the high end Eldorado series but that is a good kind of air suspension. It's for maximizing ride quality by being even softer than the already soft springs. This tesla suspension is not soft, It's there just for being adjustable.

  6. Tesla still needs a couple more years to evolve just like Kia & Hyundai "DID". My main issuers are that the switchgear is taken from a Mercedes A Class not even the C or E and the materials are not the best especially to something like a Jaguar XF, Genesis G90 or BMW 5 Series . The steering wheel is also to large and the ergonomics aren't great e.g no vol or tune knob and no door bins .

  7. Lol, "I would have gone for the Red but I don't want to be pulled over"… Life is still Shit, even for a Successful Black American…

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