Why Save And Invest?

It really baffles me when people who work so hard for money do not want their money to work harder. Managing money is one of the most important and most difficult things in life. We all work for money. We toil day and night, sacrifice our leisure, and leave our near and dear ones and go abroad to brighten our prospects. Then why do not we make our money work for us. Remember, saving and investing is not about putting your money in a haphazard manner and investing somewhere just because one of our friend or relative has told us to do so.

By saving and investing I mean putting your hard earned money to good use so that you can earn maximum profit from your investments. There are many people who believe in earning and spending today. Little do they realize that they are partying all the way to disaster? A day will come when we'll have to quit the job and relax. But would we really be able to relax? Who will look after our expenses? After our retirement income will cease where expenses will be as they were before. We work hard through our life so that we could live a comfortable life and provide the same to our children. A major chunk of our income goes towards children education, marriage and providing them with money till they are on their own. Children are dependent on their parents till they grow up and the situation will be just the opposite when we retire.

Do we really want the situation to reverse? Will we be comfortable asking for money from our children? Well, there is no harm but still the answer is a big NO. Also if we consider the growing inflation our expense will grow by leaps and bounds by the time we retire. It's better to sacrifice some leisure now rather than compromise later on when we are on the brink of retirement. When we are young we can face hardships better but as we grow old we tend to become weak in all aspects be it physical mental or psychological. So at least in one aspect we should be very strong and that is financial and that we can achieve only if we save and invest regularly.

Source by Tanveer Siddiqui

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