Honor 9 Lite review: Punches way above its price!

It’s review time and we have spent the last week testing out the Honor 9 Lite ahead of our full review, and you know what? This phone is seriously good value for …


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  1. Purchasing this phone as we speak. Was great to see a nice length, concise review that didn't waffle. Purely from a video point of view, great clear voice and pace, without being over the top animated or making the review too "personal". Great stuff, great watch 🙂 lets give this phone a go!

  2. I have a question, if I switch the display resolution to 1440×720, will the performance increase? Maybe less stutter in games, less stutter overall when switching between apps, etc..

  3. Mine (in the UK) does not include an Equalizer function. In the Sound settings the Equalizer option says None. This is resulting in very flat sound. Volume is ok.

  4. The P Smart and the Honor 9 Lite would u believe has almost the same specs but with a small price difference. Between the two Which donyou think has slightly louder & clearer speakers sound? Which one lasts longer in general/average use? And which apps load faster? And which camera would u say is better? Have u had any more updates to the software since?

  5. Between this and the Honor 9 Lite (what is a few quid cheaper) which phone can give me a battery life (in normal/general use) easily for a full day, a camera that shows natural/true to life photos with faster autofocus, less oversaturated photos & better low light) & with some form of electronic stabilization, app loading with almost zero refresh, louder speakers which I can hear in a bus or London Tube and a great sunlight legibility? (Unlike my old P8 Lite) and would you say updates are as quick/slow as other Android OEMs? And is there a dark theme that u can apply to the phone even on the Settings? Quick GPS lock?

  6. I've got this and I must say it is amazing I can promise you that you won't get a phone better than this for under £200 it is amazing. I got this as I destroyed my Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 as it was near my flat window (Top flour flat) with the window open, went to shut the window and knocked it and fell onto concrete. That phone cost me near £300 and my budget was tight and seen this for £170 (Sim free car phone warehouse) and I must say I got a shock this phone is fantastic and haven't noticed any lagging or anything like that its better than the phone I had and much cheaper. Also you can pay £700 on an iPhone 8 and still get massive bezals look at the Honor 9 the bezals are much smaller. This phone is just amazing for the price and would recommend it to anyone it is so underated.

  7. One of the things that is starting to come to light is Huawei / Honor poor audio quality/distortion over Bluetooth. With a good quality headset or car stereo it sounds awful for me and others. Problem is on P10 / P9 and Mate, prob others. Lots of people on XDA picking up on it but no reviewers have afaik.

    Listening to the headphone jack then over bluetooth is night and day never come across this before even on budget phones from years ago!

  8. I have heard the camera is quite bad in low light capabilities amd quality is on the cool side, speakers are so-so and performance can slow and stutter. For a bit more I can get a Moto G5 Plus for £199 with more vanilla Android, nano coating and front facing camera. Thoughts?

  9. Hello, I want to how tolerance this phone can handle heat since the body is glass?
    # Play games continuously.
    # Screen mirroring to tv
    # Video streaming from Chrome.
    # You tube watching (I saw you said in different video that the back of the phone get warm but not very hot. So this is fine..)
    # GPS.

    I have this all this exessive heat on my current phone now. so wondering if this is common for others as well.
    Thank you

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