Watch Dogs Review

An excellent open-world action game with some unique hacking-magic that makes it a memorable game. ———————————- Follow IGN for more!


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  1. Aw yes i just got this game. Im late i know. But i barely got a ps4 and my homie let me borrow this. My ps4 is at my girls house and im going tomorrow so idgaf i am going to ignore my girl and be on this till i beat it yessss success im so happyyyyyy

  2. I enjoyed the game. This is one of my favorite PS3 games. It took time to get used to the driving, but it didn't bother me.
    -Plenty of side quests(You actually get rewarded as you progress through)
    -Fun Online Hacking and Trailing Game
    -Gang Hideout
    -Fighting crime
    -Repetitive missions
    -Online Racing(The reason is barely anyone plays this)
    -The city doesn't feel like a living environment compared to the demo
    -Minor bugs and glitches, etc.
    Just a subjective opinion, y'all.

  3. Recently picked it up, a few into its. Personally I'm really enjoying it, shame it was hyped beyond belief by Ubisoft. Developers need to stop overselling their game's, only leads to disappointment.

  4. Watch Dogs is an awesome game, however the car physics were absolute gobshite, and there are some amusing glitches which derail this otherwise interesting hacking open world game

  5. I thought Watch Dogs 1 was good but I wish they delved a little bit more into Aiden's character a bit more and had some more hacking options. I love that Watch Dogs 2 has more of those but I honestly dislike the characters. I would've rather Aiden returned for the sequel to take on the "threads of Lucky Quinn's fuckup". I think it sounds great.

  6. 8.4? what a joke.
    wont even bother mentioning the things this game got wrong since there are a lot.
    This game was not worth the hype it got.
    I dont say its worth a 0/10 but still woudnt rate it anyware over 7/10.
    Especially when there are so many other amazing games that deserve 8's(Battlefield 1), 9's(AC Origins), 10's(Witcher, GTA V).

  7. The game wasn't that bad as it is remembered now a days.. But the problem was that the hype for this game was damn to high and people were expecting more than what they got..!!

  8. Why do people hate on watch dogs so bad? They compare it to gta? Lol
    I have watch dogs2 and that game is pretty damn good.

  9. the game had interesting hack concepts suverliance and good characters..but i didnt enjoy the open world life and crazy car missions..becmae repetative..just played it for the story….

  10. Watch_Dogs is about Cyber security and control over privacy.

    Now repeat this 100x, you'll know Ubisoft did create a masterpiece

  11. The games got my vote anyway.Its brilliant.I like using the train to get around.If it was first person like gta I would give it ten out of ten.But the lack of this does let it down.Still one of the best games though.I will be buying the second one and hopefully the third.Fantastic game

  12. I'm currently replaying this game and I have to say, I think it got an unfair amount of bad press. Maybe just because of the significant downgrade from the E3 demo to the final product. The game is solid. The graphics hold up, even today in my opinion. The shooting is awesome and fun. The stealth mechanics feel badass and the character animations are awesome. I'm not a huge fan of the driving but in car stealth is inspired. Aiden could use a little more emotional diversity but I overall found his character interesting, I really loved the vigilante aspect, it felt how a vigilante might rise in real life. I haven't finished the story and have forgotten what happened originally, but so far I'm into it. Really underrated game, I think.

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