Put Your Assets the Blockchain! – CryptoCurrency Asset Protection – Oxcert ICO Review

Put your assets on the bloc gain and protect your assets with CryptoCurrency.
Check Out Oxcert: https://0xcert.org/?utm_source=icodrops
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  1. very informative! this ico will be good in 5 years time and later

  2. good project! not to keen but it is a good project and long term investment

  3. I had this project on my radar for some time already, but always nice to see videos presenting the topic from different points of view!

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  4. Hello, just subscribed the channel for some nice crypto content! Have a nice day & greetings from Austria! 😉

  5. This makes perfect sense, similar to DeepVault that DeepOnion developed where you can register documents on the blockchain and verify if someone has changed them or now. Very good for copyright or legal services.

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