Top 12 Cars with Best Interiors for the Money: the Luxury you can Afford

When a car is passing by the first thing you look at is the exterior, but seasoned drivers, always say, you drive on the inside of a car not on its hood, so the practical, comfortable and tech advanced interior is a must for a driver’s automobile. In this episode we will show you cars that have the best interiors in various price segments from the most affordable and all the way to luxury models.

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VW Jetta:

The 2019 model year of VW Jetta is hands down one of the most expensive looking affordable sedans that deserves attention of any car shopper next year..

Kia Forte:

Since this is a Kia, you can expect from the 2019 Forte lots of standard features and high safety rating.


The new BMW X5 comes in as an aggressive 5-seater SUV with a planned update to the 7-seat layout for 2019.

Kia Stinger:

Kia Stringer is one of the few sensations of the 2018 model year, that unexpectedly took the sports sedan segment by storm and managed to challenge the giants like Porsche Panamera and BMW 5 Series in its GT modification.

Infiniti QX-50:

Infiniti QX50 is almost identical to the previously shown concepts, it is luxurious and has a unique powertrain with variable compression.

Mercedes Benz A-Class:

The new Mercedes A Class is bigger on the outside and roomier on the inside. Besides carrying lots of amazing updated, the interior still steals the show.

Hyundai Kona Electric:

Hyundai Kona Electric is expected to become world’s first affordable electric crossover.

Ford Expedition:

Do you want the biggest Ford in the world that is currently produced? The Ford Expedition Max is the one!


Built on the Ford Fusion platform the MKZ hybrid is a more luxurious offering with fantastic interior.

Toyota Camry:

2018 Toyota Camry is a completely redesigned midsize car that has a 5-star rating from NHTSA and is an IIHS TopSafety Pick+.

Chevrolet Equinox:

2018 Chevrolet Equinox is a new generation compact SUV packed with convenience and safety technologies offering a dependable and comfortable ride

Genesis G90:

The 2018 G90 is the first attempt of Hyundai’s luxury brand to create a luxury sedan. What is notable right away is that only a few options are available, while almost any high end feature that you can think of comes as a standard.

Genesis G80 Sport:

This is an enhanced modification of the luxury sedan G80 that brings aggressive styling and twin turbo performance to the already luxurious car.


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  1. Having a car with a gorgeous exterior is great but most of the time all of the beauty will be witnessed by the passers-by, not you. However, having a vehicle with a luxury and great interior is something that you will benefit from in the first place. Here are some great new cars that have incredible interiors for their price. Which one do you like the most?

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