10 Most Affordable New Cars for Students and Beginner Drivers (2018 Buyer’s Guide)

Being a student or a parent of a student is definitely tough, because besides demanding academic investment that has to be made, sooner or later financial demands come along as, for example, buying the first automobile. Of course the easiest way out would be to visit a used cars trader, but an option of purchasing an affordable car in its mint condition straight from the dealership should not be disregarded. In this episode we will review four-wheelers that do not exceed $20,000 in price, and can cost as low as $12,000. With humble pricing you can also expect outstanding gasoline savings, so overall these cars are great buys for a student or someone who is carefully spending his or her budget.

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    Here is the list of automobiles from this video:
    1. 2018 Honda Civic: goo.gl/tHNRgZ
    2. 2018 Subaru Impreza: goo.gl/z2ktFd
    3. 2018 Toyota Corolla: goo.gl/qiJGMT
    4. Chevrolet Cruze SEDAN: goo.gl/eB26xW
    5. Hyundai Accent: goo.gl/EzJtxb
    6. 2018 Toyota Yaris: goo.gl/8p4nkF
    7. Kia Rio: goo.gl/37dcRM
    8. Ford Fiesta Hatchback: goo.gl/ytJKYP
    9. Mitsubishi Mirage: goo.gl/suihRF
    10. Chevrolet Spark: goo.gl/wKLdoQ

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