Crypto News | Bitcoin To Rebound Off $6,350? Huge News For NEO, Time To Buy? Coinbase Custody Open!


EOS Finally Sells ~All Their Eth

Digix unveils new branding in the push for adoption of DGX gold token

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  1. Hi James
    Fellow UK resident here. I was wondering what the laws / requirements are for declaring income from cryptos in England? Is it taxable and if so how much tax is imposed?
    Keep up the excellent work! If you are still planning a London meet up, I will certainly be there!
    Thanks in advance

  2. Great work ? lots happening in the NEO eco with Ontology, Bridge Protocol and Trinity. Throw in an updated roadmap and should maintain steady rise, maybe watch out for potential buy the rumour, sell the news trap.

  3. I'm guessing you hold a lot of Neo. Don't see how this huge news?! Vechain is far better project with real partners and huge companies killer icos in the works!

  4. Great TA.. The rebound is surely bound to happen. But just now the Binance FUD has arrived. People would be stupid enough to fall into it. As long as centralized exchanges rule, we would have to face this problem. Neo will always be a gem, probably the only non privacy coin im accumulating. I still believe privacy coins which provide complete anonymity would rule the next bull run. Best to accumulate XMR , Deep0nion and Zcash now than later.

  5. If you're considering moving to America, I would strongly reconsider moving to another European nation or Canada instead.

    Fascism, Authoritarianism, and right-wing populism are on the rise in the United States following the election of Donald Trump and it will make things precarious for anyone seeking to emigrate to the United States. ICE's treatment of families at the border is evidence of this.

    Be careful if you move.

  6. Thanks, James. Don't neglect to mention NEO going to 6k, as you have previously. I live on the CA central coast. Always sunny and mild year round. Haven't closed the porch door for eight years or used heating or cooling. Living costs are high, but still likely less than London. Everything's relative. Considering your course. Good TA here on the channel is an indicator.

  7. Haha allright sir! No need for showing your money and profits you made.. none of my business ? if its just the main base of knownledge then i am happy to follow and buy it. Have a good one mate.

  8. Guy don't hesitate to buy into the ta course. James covers every aspect that you may have missed and puts foundations firmly in place for your own personal development regarding ta skills. I have 100% benifitted from the course and now all the pieces fit into place. Thank you

  9. Hi James, I took your course and learned a lot. What would really be awesome though is if you did a video where you do some paper trading. It would help bring everything together and may help me with some issues I have using trading view when it comes to placing and exiting orders. Thanks for all you do.

  10. James are you still using revolut to move funds from coinbase? also wirex looks good any opinion?
    thanks for your work, like the fact that you answer these comments in your vids, cheers.

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