IGN Reviews – Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Game Review

IGN gives its video review of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. This game leaves you wanting more & you won’t be ready to return home when the credits roll.


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  1. It usually takes more effort than it's worth to get back into an old debate so I usually don't bother, but I believe my thought process was telling me that anything you do should give equal or bigger amounts of satisfaction than the amount of effort you have to put into it, otherwise it's a waste of time. Like those people who spend hours/days setting up dominoes in elaborate patterns, just to watch them take a few seconds to fall over. I don't think I'll ever understand it.

  2. Okay. I expected this kind of response if I even got one anyway. But it should also not be lost on you that the concept of not responding to someone because it's been a really long time is not a thing on YouTube. I've gotten responses to all kinds of stuff I forgot about. I personally think it's fun (usually), and also think it's fun that you have a problem with it for some reason. Nice talking with you in any case.

  3. One man is remaking Metroid 2. It's been over 8 years, and he's nearly done but he's still not quite there. A small group of people are remaking Half-Life by cooperating over a forum, and it's taken them a similar amount of time to make everything except Xen and online Deathmatches. I know you're trolling, but the concept of indie game dev time should not be lost on you.

  4. Played the demo and it was pretty sweet. i love the creative graphics and game play style. My one complaint was the combat, I can't image fighting a boss with the seemingly wonky controls. That said, for the price, 5 hours of this seems like a bargain, I'll definitely pick it up. It's nice to see these kinds of comings still coming out. i just played Fez, Braid, Catherine and Shadow Complex, and each one was well worth the price. I doubt this one will be any different.

  5. I don't discriminate. I think a team of ADHD kids and a team of autistic kids would both end up with equally shitting games. Of course that would greatly depend on the severity of the autism, because its also likely the autistic team wouldn't make anything at all.

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