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EOS Is Done Moving Ether From Their ICO Wallet

EOS Is Done Moving Ether From Their ICO Wallet

EOS ICO Approaches $4 Billion after Year-Long Crowdsale

EOS ETH Transfers on Etherscan

Ethos Wallet Is Out In the Netherlands And Germany

Ethos Wallet Is Out In the Netherlands And Germany

Ethos on Twitter

Ethos web site

Ethos – Next Generation Universal Wallet

SelfKey on Twitter

SelfKey web site

The Wallet

VeChainThor Blockchain Launch: From ETH to a ‘New World’

VeChainThor Blockchain Launch: From ETH to a ‘New World’

VeChain Foundation on Twitter

A Revised Timeline for VeChainThor Wallet Migration and Token Swap

TokenPay on Twitter

TokenSuisse — Privacy Coins Certificate and Insured Cold Storage Solutions.

TokenPay web site

BREAKING NEWS! Funds are Safu? Binance Syscoin API HACK? 11 SYS = 96 BTC??


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  1. Hi Team, could you please let me know if I buy vechain today on binance, will I be eligible for 1:100 token mapping/assignment as stated.
    Thank you,

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  4. Hello everyone. contact me via irenegan1983@gmail. com if you are interested in knowing how i make $10,000 daily on Crypto trading

  5. 0xBitcoin is the implementation of Bitcoin in Solidity and is the first decentralized ERC20 token for Ethereum. It is an open source community project, not led by an official team or corporation, and therefore does not have ICO capital or other vast amounts of currency/capital that a centralized token project would have. We believe as a community that decentralization is the true flavor of the blockchain and that is the architecture that provides open and transparent trust for users. We also believe that Ethereum and ERC20 tokens are a significant segment of the future of blockchain technology.

  6. HEXX coin is about to blow up. Not pump n dump. This coin is legit. If Bitcoin starts to stabilize and rise up any time soon this coin will return massive profits.

  7. All coins in top 20 have had their big run up.Token Pay is the sleeping giant.Get on board the TPAY express .It will take you to good time city

  8. I will explain the certificates like this : you buy 10.000 $ worth of certificate.
    Tokensuisse (a part of Tokenpay) buys the crypto for it and holds the private keys/wallets etc. And the gains on the crypto will be the same on your certificate.
    You dont need to hassle with wallets, backups, private keys, exchanges, scammers, passwords and so on.
    Its a easy way for "normal" people to take part of crypto gains (or losses) and have their assets safe and insured.
    There will be different certificates one focused on Privacy coins.
    – Copy pasted from Tokenpays Telegram.

    Tokensuisse is also regulated in Switzerland and will be a gateway for institutional money into Crypto.

    Tokenpay bought a 9,9% stake in a german bank, with possibility to buy more when approved.
    This will make Fiat deposits and withdrawals easy and make debitcarda possible.

    Tokenpay also is launching a Decentralized (unhackable) exchange called eFin – efin coins will be distributed to Tpay holders – white paper 10 July with more info

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