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At first glance, you might think this game looks just like Quake. In actuality, this game was a Quake mod that has been turned into a full game using the …


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  1. Yeah, it was difficult to find a match for this game and then THQ had to go out of business and shut down the only Xbox 360 servers…Other than new maps that could have been made, this really wasn't innovative and I could see why it died.  Not a bad game, just not spectacular. 

  2. Its only available for those on PC, Mac, or Linux OS

    This game isn't available for console which is kind of strange considering there are so few shooters on console that have gameplay like this one.

  3. Would of been fun if people actually played it because I could barely find more than 2 people in a match which was boring. Now I ownUT3 Black edition and years later after its release you'll still see people playing that…

    If you want to play this game it looks and plays well but there is not enough players actually playing it to justify you buying it so just stick to UT3.

  4. The Successor of the precursor of Nexuiz (affectionately known as Nexuiz classic), Xonotic, is a very fast paced Quake style game. I'm kinda young (young enough to have never played Quake), and I LOVE Xonotic. Bunnyhopping around with a laser to jump with is so much fun.

  5. I gotta say that this generation of gaming was never prepared for fast pace shooters. Of course everyone is going to say its shit especially when everyone plays camping of duty. I think there should be more online games with health bars again! Someone needs to bring those back so everyone can control health so no one gets it even when the player doesn't need it. It makes remembering a map worthy of remembering.

  6. I remember playing the original pc version. Best shooter I ever played. Now I'm on to it's child game Xonotic. Still the best fps i have ever played

  7. Call of Duty shouldn't even be a point of comparison. You shouldn't play games because you like it more than CoD, you should play them because they're actually good. PC has a huge selection of games, try free to play things like Planetside 2 or Tribes: Ascend, or pay for things like Dawn of War, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Mount & Blade, Men of War, or so much more. The gaming world is your oyster, don't settle for this shit.

  8. Well, this game looks much better than Call of Duty, which has some crappy story always, i rather play this, than play games that have a story that isnt even worth playing through.

  9. pfft I got this game code with my graphics card and they stated it was a 30$ value.. wtfe.. its like worth 10$.. by the looks of it this is a game I will not be playing since its doesnt seem to be a story base game .. I always end up givin away my free games because they are always shitty FPS games.. and this one is even worse since it has no actual game play its just PVP multiplayer crap..

  10. You should also try saints row the third. I also bought the pack and for $24.99 you really can't go wrong! that game alone is $50 on the console xD.

  11. got this with the THQ collection pack which has 23 titles, darksiders 2 and the original darksiders and homefront being the 3 i bought it for! but this is included and its awesome! the THQ pack is £19.99 so hurry and buy it :3!!!!!!!!!

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