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  1. 'hard boiled' isn't a saying guy, it connotes nothing… wait, I editted b/c I realized you don't know the difference b/t a hard boiled or soft boiled egg… ha! Aren't you an adult?

  2. This games story and characters were amazing . Ign gives it a 7.5 … i’ll never come to ign for a review again.

  3. I really don't care about the combat system's shortcomings or even the minigames. I play Yakuza mainly for the story even with the previous Yakuza games I didn't really bother much with the sidequests or minigames. I just wanted to go through the story.

  4. I love Sega & Yakuza, but this franchise gets away with things other games wouldn't. The copy & paste, reused assets, etc., rivals even the likes of Ubisoft. Make less of them & put more effort into them. For example, we'll have the entire franchise on the PS4 by the end of this generation. While kinda cool, it's also overkill.

  5. Just finished it. This game offers about 2-3 hours of prime story combat, and the rest is filler and cutscenes.
    Literally more cutscenes than gameplay here.
    The best thing about this game is that you get to play Sega classic arcade games like Space Harrier, Super Hang-on, etc.

  6. While I don't necessarily agree with the score, the reviewer makes a few points I can agree with. The biggest one that I agree with is the fighting which has been streamlined. The fighting in Yakuza 0 was deep and layered. The style system was fresh but then they took it out just a year later?

    Also, there was a noticeable lack of abundant heat actions. Zero had so many heat actions (not including Majima) that you tend to forget about some of them. It didn't feel that way here so it just felt like I was seeing the same heat actions more often (and I've maxed out my Heat category).

    Overall, still a great game that I enjoy and has a lot of things that evolve the series (e.g. new graphics engine, no more silent dialogue, and no loading) but just a little less fun than Zero.

  7. This review is really bad,not talking about the score but the review itself,this guy doesn't understand the series,or at lest not the way I do,Yakuza 0 was the origins of the characters,they had more combat styles because they were still young and they didn't choose on what to focus,while in Yakuza 6, Kiriu is older its logical that he can't move the same way as he did in 0,he uses one style of fighting that he is better at.

  8. Combat is awful on this game, it used to be great. Just a lacking in alot of combat stuff it used to have

    The being able to move around the city whilst in combat and fight inside shops is a good improvement, seems to flow nicely

  9. You didn't even talk about the story if it was good or not all i saw was just a review of the gameplay and nothing else mentioned really gameplay isn't what games really about

  10. I agree with this review. Yakuza 0 was the first I played in the series, I was hoping 6 would be better then it was. However I'm still a fan of the series, and will likely play the next installment.

  11. How many times is this guy going to compare Yakzua 6 with Yakuza Zero!?
    He says it almost every line of word he says.. ffs
    You can’t compare this game to Yakzua considering this is a new engine. The other games have had many years of refining the combat. You can’t do that with a new engine just like that.

    It’s clear this dumbass has only played Yakzua zero before this game so he has no clue as to how much better the combat is now.

    Literally the worst review I’ve heard.

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