Bitcoin to $22,000 in 2018? – Tom Lee Price Prediction BTC – Bitcoin CryptoCurrency News

Tom Lee predicts that Bitcoin will hit $22,000 in 2018 before years end. Tom Lee has predicted higher btc prices in the past! CryptoCurrency price predictions and news. Crypto News!
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  1. Those who say Bitcoin is dead… Bitcoin has never been alive to begin with. It doesn't breathe, it doesn't eat, it doesn't sleep, it doesn't think, it doesn't communicate, . . .

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  3. I think BTC price measured by mining cost is reasonable but margins are ever tighter – this market has changed radically in the last 3 – 4omths. I think the 2.5 X multiplier will now be lower

  4. At beginning of year Tom Lee predicted 50k in 2018, a month ago he predicted 25k in 2018, now he predict 22k in 2018, next he will say 12k, and finnally we close the year under 3k? 😀

  5. All depends on the amount of fud, exchange hacks and if any money comes in from financial institutes. To make a prediction in this type of market is merely pie in the sky at the moment. I hope it grows but not willing to say an educated guess. I enjoy your work, keep it up. By the way did you get the return you wanted from pundi x ?

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  8. I would believe that 22 grand is achievable. December of last year it hit 19.5
    It would be great to see it climb slowly and not burst the bubble

  9. May close out the year at under 15,000 unless we start seeing a breakout within the month of August. There needs to be a bigger show of utilization both on the side of companies and community before we can breakout of this bearish holding pattern. This goes without saying of course but we just don't hear much of anything anymore in regards to ground breaking crypto usage support. Hopefully we see a $20,000 touch again though.

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  11. Hi I lost all my money in crypto im broke pls can anyone help me and my family pls ill be very very thankful 1HyKUx3Cn6qAVAwo2uwxjZ3hjNbYM94ukW

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