$900 Profit in 10 Hours! – CryptoCurrency Day Trading – Crypto Swing Trading How To

In 10 hours I made almost $900 trading cryptocurrency. I made two trades of crypto in 10 hours. Day trading and swing trading profit and how to!
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  1. I wouldnt day trade if market is uncertain. Too much risk and it could just go down. I prefer swimg trading and waiting for the next real swing πŸ˜‰

  2. Right On Zach! ?? I’m glad your making money in this Bear Market. Thank You for sharing your knowledge with us.

  3. How do you profit with each sale and purchase is a taxable event on $40k? So If you sold and bought once each you would owe tax on $80k, right?

  4. it matters if the head is bigger than shoulders πŸ™‚ on top of that left shoulder should be ideally bigger than right shoulder with the volume being higher in either left shoulder or head. what you are looking at is a bull flag ( a poll with a falling channel) although it might bart πŸ™‚

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