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  1. The Rapture is a real event that is yet to occur. This game is disinformation intended to mislead minds to think the swirling light is bad, and is causing death among animals and such, when in reality the Rapture occurrence is God snatching away true believers in Christ before he commences The Great Tribulation.

  2. I've never before have played a game that has made me feel more alone, and I know this is going to be an unsettling feeling for a lot. However realize that the light is youre ally and you can experience the memory and actions of youre fellow neighbors in this beautiful village. I hope I kept this spoiler free but this game will have you questioning who the writer is and where the people exactly are….which is a question you don't want to acknowledge till the end of the game

  3. why is everyone hating on the game don't you understand that it's a story type of game showing the end of the world and showing there type of storys if you don't like it go back to minecraft because I honestly enjoyed this game

  4. The game made me angry. I was walking around wanting to confront this thing that made all the children and families suffer with haemorrhaging, made them terrified with inexplicably disappearing relatives…etc. Fear, terror, suffering; all are present, implicitly or explicitly in this game and they’re brushed over in the end with a pathetic, quasi-religious silver lining about us all finding each other after death…etc

  5. Wow could you imagine if this was a game, it would be awesome.

    Too bad we'll never get a chance to find out since the developer went out of business. Walking simulators just don't make the same kind of money as games.

  6. I thought this game was kind of a waste of my time although I loved fire watch and gone home. Just didn't feel the story or anything here :/

  7. Interesting game. Ultimately, a game with no true mechanic besides following lights and activating cut-scenes can only go so far in terms of game design. The story was great, the environment was beautiful, and the music was enchanting. There were moments here and there of sheer storytelling and acting brilliance, such as the [SPOILER] [SPOILER] death of the priest.

    On a personal level, this game opened me up to the music and poetry of Christianity. As someone who grew up Christian, no longer believes, and even sees Christianity as a source of antagonism to a certain degree, I've developed a newfound appreciation for Anglican Christian culture.

  8. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is really more like a novel or a film than a game. Yes, like a game it requires interaction from the user, but its driving force is the narrative. Though built around a sci-fi framework story, the 'game' ends up being an exploration of loss and regret that ultimately culminates in a sort of surrender or acceptance. If one came to this hoping for fast action or a complex mystery, you'd probably be disappointed, but I found it to offer a rewarding, albeit melancholy experience (greatly enhanced by the brilliant soundtrack by Jessica Curry) that has lingered for weeks after completion of the 'game.'

  9. this was a really interesting game I loved it wish people were open minded to the fact of this game but all most gamers now a days want is a modern fast paced brand new 60 game or one classic game they already had…

  10. so you spend about 5 hours walking around an empty town talking to orbs of light to discover EVERYBODY's GONE TO THE RAPTURE
    10/10 GOTY

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