Crypto News | Bitcoin Ready To Break To $7,000? Swiss Crypto “NASDAQ” To Launch? New Ripple Lawsuit – Learn Crypto Technical Analysis


Bittrex and band together to launch EU cryptocurrency exchange

Ripple’s XRP has been slapped with yet another lawsuit

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  1. this is the time to accumulate your favourite crypto-currency that isn't going to get 51% attacks, cough, cough, bitcoin, cough, verge, cough hybrid coins having both Proof of work and Proof of Stake processes protect their network only coin I have come across that has this and is a privacy orientated coin is Deeponion, I would also like to hear about any other hybrid coins if anyone can point them out, It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. What are your thoughts on adoption vs stability? It seems to me that any crypto looking to be a good currency will need to stabilise in order to work as a currency yet adoption of any scale will drive up price so it’s therefore a bit of a catch 22 situation where by its popularity by its nature would render it less useful as a currency. If the price was manipulated artificially during adoption then fine but that makes it not worth investing in

  3. James, I still watch your videos everyday man…thanks for making them! I bought a Bitcoin sticker a while back and put it on the back of my vehicle. I drive my vehicle everyday for work and I'm constantly sitting in traffic so I know that at least a hundred people a day here in Denver see the word "Bitcoin". I'm saying this because I think it's important for all of us in this space to advertise/promote crypto to the world. Most of the people I interact with on a daily basis have not heard of cryptocurrencies at all…and I'm in the information technology field! It would be a good idea I think for us all to do something similar. My 2 cents anyways. Also, I have to shill WAX token! Awesome project!!!

  4. Hi James, I've taken your course and now I am paper trading. I'm starting out trying to scalp in lower time frames because it seems less risky time and moneywise. I also think if I do okay there, it will give me more confidence to move to larger trades. My question is, is there a somewhat different psychology when trading in the 15m and 5m time frames? Maybe some nuance traders should be aware of? Thank you so much!

  5. You the man, haven't been in the space long, but have learnt a lot from you, like that you don't hype tings for clicks, and don't sensationalize or oversell even your own opinion. Always look forward to your update.

  6. thanks james, I went in a swing trade for XRP/BTC damn the FUD -2% …. lol trying to catch back lower since the daily looks like a downward continuation

  7. Another great Video Thanks James. I have now completed your TA Course and I got to say that now everything is falling into place, I learned to remove emotions from coins you hold (except BTC of course). At the end of the Day you want to make small profits on a daily basis and it doesn't really matter which coin. This market is here to stay and I'm really glad i found your channel and taken your course. On a finally note, I do have a question related to the TA Course, I'm currently using the Pro Version of TradingView and since I can only have 5 indicators at all time, which one do you recommend or are the most useful for newbie Traders? I know in your trading View course you have at least 10 which is the Pro+ Version. Also, if you could only trade between 7 to 9 AM Eastern, what are the time frame to look for on a coin Daily, 5 minutes and 1H ? Cheers

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