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  1. This was extremely harsh. This review took the extremely minor things and made em out to be major, which is bullshit. Overall, this review isn't accurate to what many Sonic fans like myself would feel. Doesn't surprise me, considering IGN has a bunch of Sonic haters.

  2. Jesus the the sonic fan base is so toxic and cancerous lmao

    He’s reviewing the dlc, not the game you die hard furrys.

  3. I wish they added another level from Sonic 1, all the other past Sonic games have 2 returning levels. (3 now for Sonic 3&k)
    Be cool to see Scrap Brain in Mania, or Spring Yard.

  4. This review is based on only sonic mania plus. The game is severely lacking in content. I loved the game, but I have to agree with the score. It doesn't warrant a purchase in my opinion unless you haven't played the game.

  5. You guys do realize this review is for the dlc right? Not the whole game? So of course the score's gonna be different, and I'm still seeing people use the "ign hates sonic though grrr" when it was litterally 4 people out of hundreds who worked there who said that

  6. The DLC is 5 dollars, (retail is 10 extra since physical copy cost)
    I don't know what Heidi was expecting, the game still is great, and the addon hasn't broken anything, only added more fun content.

  7. Oh I see, they're reviewing this as a new game instead of as DLC and gave it a lower score than the original….

    You could say that it's a different person reviewing this, but that just makes the reviews inconsistent when it's the same game being scored less.

  8. That multi-ball enemy at 0:42 is really weak sprite design. Someone please put some more attention to detail into it or something.

    Also, the pinball table bonus stage looks really low-res and jaggy. Might need to tweak that a bit too. And, yes, you could argue it's because it's trying to fix in with the old retro look of the day, but maybe that just means it probably would have been better to go with pixel art here instead or something.

  9. 7 isn't bad, but I feel like the criticism is too harsh for DLC that I believe is only 5$. Expectations shouldn't have been high in the first place.

  10. Sad, but not surprising, considering IGN's usual attitude towards Sonic. I'll still be picking up the expansion because I quite enjoyed Sonic Mania, and I'm sure I'll enjoy Encore Mode as well.

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