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  1. The fact that every game James duggan talks about is negative, goes to show you he’s a one mind tracked individual. This game isn’t as bad as he scored it and it’s not far for the developers who put in some hard work into this game. Would like to see duggan make a game so we can see how a video is “really “ made.

  2. What I would say is come back to this game in about 5-8 months after patches and reworks. This game looks fun, but it's going to constantly be compared to Left 4 Dead. Looks like a fan made project inspired by Left 4 Dead. I have hope for this games future.

  3. only learning about this game with this video. and i was hyped for 10 secconds when the preview image for the video looked lovecraftian. but yea this looks bad

  4. This game is pretty bad. I have seen two other players online on the Xbox Live version. I thought there was something wrong with my connection at first, but my NaT is open and Microsoft tried to help me figure it out. I have inquired with the developer as to why I couldn't find anyone. I think nobody is actually playing this. Buyer beware.

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