IGN Reviews – Infamous: Festival of Blood Game Review

IGN gives its review for the game Infamous: Festival of Blood . This stand-alone spin-off based on Infamous 2 is a fun experience, but it’s also short and contains …


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  1. does it take place during or after infamous 2? Because I heard them say "we're making a new infamous and Cole comes back from the dead" and then last minute it's a dlc. I still don't understand….. if it takes place during or after infamous 2.

  2. lol.. i just got platinum on Second son… beat first light… time to go back and platinum infamous 1 and 2, maybe pick up this game 😀

  3. 80 minutes? BS
    I just spent an hour and a half alone just getting all the blood jars + another hour looking for Bloody Mary's teachings


    how is this related to infamous 2? cause in the bad one zeke dies and in the good one cole dies. i haven't played it but can someone explain this to me?

  5. Colin's reviews are worthless. Just like with inFamous 2, he misleads users by never mentioning the god awful framerate problems. What a fucking Sony tool.

  6. I only download festival of blood a couple days ago, I have finished it although it was short I still enjoyed it as I'm a big infamous fan love the series so far second son here I come

  7. there are no karma choices in Festival of Blood, you just play as a vampire, simple as that, you need to bite people to get blood so I guess he's evil, but again there are no karma options

  8. I bought a controller… and it came with the Infamous collection, I didnt like Infamous 1, but Imma give this series another chance, and I was seriously confused as to what Festival of Blood was… but seeing as how I got the games for FREE(come on… pay 60 for a controller, or pay 60 for a controller that comes with games) I dont see how I could be dissappointed

    I hear Infamous 2 is way better, so I hope to be pleasantly surprised 😀

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