MARKET CRASH – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 7/31/2018

Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 7/31/2018-

Why is Bitcoin crashing? What caused the crypto market to go down? Where is Bitcoin heading? What about the Altcoins and the rest of the Cryptos? Tune in and find out! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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  2. i like your videos but i just don't understand why people always search for an abstract reason for btc dumping. The most logical argument would be, the corrections are normal when we go from 5800 to 8500 in a few weeks.. right now we are only at the 0.38 fib retracement and it bounced exactly there, also it retested the broken downtrend line which is a perfectly normal behaviour. So what has this to do with "shaking out weak hands" or, what i heard in other channels, FUD News which brought the btc down.. no it wasn't

  3. Whats going on. Long time sub here. Watch all your vids. What's your thoughts on OMG? Where's the bottom? Prediction on the future? Thanks in advance

  4. I wouldnt be surprised if it was banks or even foreign governments themselves pumping and dumping to try and scare away the annoying vermin Hodlers. When there is a position in something of value to gain in this world you can be guaranteed there are people who want it all for themselves.
    Take advantage and get more for less. Definitely spread the eggs around a few projects that have real world application.
    Don't be impatient, wait your turn!

  5. I understand you’re a permabull and don’t like the word sell but yes sell when things are going down instead of HODLing and buying through a bear market.

  6. Hello. I take time to comment your video.
    With all my respect you are wrong…nothin to do with whales.
    Bitcoin is manipulated.
    Try not being bull trapped.

    Ps: I start trading btc/Ltd back to 2011

  7. I agree its a risk. Don't put all your eggs in 1 basket. Bitcoin will always be around because of the coin exchanges and its own blockchain. Cryptos aren't going anywhere, unless government gonna shut down the internet they all have endless potential. There are 2 ways to invest (1) Buy the coins and hold them hoping value increases as people use the system or mine the coin you chose, then withdraw. (2) Mine the coins. My suggestion would be to invest in mining the coins. Mining can be expensive,  but this way you see money increase right away. Right now, a person needs like 20,000 dollars or access to 15-20 upgraded computers to have very good success. Mining rigs pull too much power. I don't believe power is the key to mining…Good Luck    BTC 1JYn4189U4VKuZSxwDnuHbQjvwu5i5qyir    LTC LQqUyX3QThbC4mhpmzWLPqtRSSoEEfZidt

  8. Do you know why crypto has been struggling this year? It's because of ass-holes like you who scream for the hills when they see a small movement. If your a short-term speculator then do your day trading and stop scaring the long term holders with your FUD bullshit

  9. BTC's daily RSI was over 77 on 7/24. Before that, the last time BTC's RSI was that high was in December. It was due for a correction.

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